Zain Mekraz
Age: 28 yrs
Height: 184 cm (6'0")
Nationality: Libya
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Zain Mekraz 
184cm PG and SG 
started my professional basketball career since i was 17, took my spot as the first point guard in the team when i reached 20 years old along with the foreigners that were playing in our team in the Libyan first league, i played in 4 teams overall in my career but mostly in Ahly Benghazi Libya "one of the top teams in Libya" 
1- the shot game
catch and shoot open shots reaches 70% off the dribble is 50% in most games and never forces a shot unless coach wanted me to, Mid range jumper is my scoring tool and its my way out of my bad day. 
2- the pass game 
i like to pass the ball more than scoring that's basically why i never forces a shot, and i always look for open shooters, great passer off pick and rolls can pass with both hands equally,  i like to play with good shooters since beating my defender never been an issue for me so that will always create an open shot for a teammate.
lay-ups :
most of my points from layups comes from fast breaks, i usually don't go to the rim to score layups since i like to stop and shoot mid range jumpers and if i went under the rim that would probably end up in a pass to shooter outside 
One on one: 
sometimes i never ask for a pick because of my one on one skills, and most coaches do sets for me where i get to play one on one because of how easily i can beat my defender no matter how good the defender is.
i always like to keep the pressure on opponent's point guard and ill steal an average of 2-4 steals in a game... show moreless


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