Tijana Gerdijan
Age: 21 yrs
Height: 0 cm (0'0")
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Contact: tijana.gerdijan@yahoo.com

I'm 20 years old from Belgrade, Serbia. Height: 175 cm (5'9"); Weight: 66 kg (145 lbs). I am a shooting guard/small forward; I love to communicate and encourage others on the floor as well as keeping my head up, looking to create situations where I can draw a help defender and hit an open teammate. I have a soft hand while shooting and am very good at finishing with both hands, especially in transition, and I am able to finish in different ways in traffic. I love playing defense and I know exactly when I can steal the ball. I have the ability to make good and precise assists. I take pride in what I do and know I did my best every time I'm in the gym. In summer 2016 I have spent 3 weeks at a basketball camp at elite sports IMG Academy and have recieved evaluation of 3.4/4.0. I strive to be the hardest working person someone can find on their team and the results will come.... show moreless


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