Svetozar Starcevic

Svetozar Starcevic

Basketball ● Athlete




of Bosnia and Herzegovina




Point guard


Svetozar started to practice basketball in 2003. He started to practice basketball in his hometown team KK Šamac. From the beginning it was obvious that he has a lot of talent. For the cadets and juniors he has been the main player on the team, and later even for seniors. He played for cadets and seniors at the same time. In 2008 he got into the top 20 players and went to the basketball camp for cadets of Republic of Srpska. In 2012 he won gold medal with KK Budućnost Bijeljina at the international tournament in Lyon, France. In 2011 he won silver medal at the regional basketball tournament for high-schools. Year after he won bronze medal with his high-school team and was named Top Scorer of the tournament. In 2013 he also won the Top Scorer award. In 2016 he led his college to the bronze at the basketball college tournament in Italy. Season 2016-2017. was his so far the best senior season. He avereged: 18,5 pts, 7,9 rbs, 3,6 ast, 2,5 stl.
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