Sterling Roaf
Age: 28 yrs
Height: 198 cm (6'6")
Nationality: -
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With the help of Ganon Baker,
Basketball Training and Development expert.

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Growing up I was not able to play basketball and get the same development as most athletes. That is what drove me every year to play. My senior year of high school I played for the first time and contributed tremendously to the team. Two years later I played for a small christian college for my 2nd and 3rd year playing. By my second year of college I was named First Team All-Region. My skill and basketball IQ was growing everyday. I transferred to a bigger school for more competition and notoriety. Through my college years I helped ,my team win 3 conference championships and 3 national tournament appearances. Today I am still working toward my dream. I'm getting better everyday. My first coach in high school put me at the post position because of my height and lack of experience. that position stuck with me through college. With my athleticism and raw talent, I can play any position. Thanks to those coaches I have a great post game and because of my training I have developed an outside shot, quick first step, and great finishing ability. I am willing to play in front of anyone to prove my worth. I am a versatile athlete with both post and guard abilities!... show moreless


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