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Stefan Stevanović
Stefan Stevanović
Basketball • Athlete • Serbian
187cm (6'2")
82kg (180.8lbs)
His name is Stefan Stevanovic .Born 11 august 2001 , from Novi Sad,Serbia  
Plying One and Two (Comboguard) - mainly a scorer, but with a great vision 
Height: 187cm (6'2')'
Weight : 83kg 
      From 2014 to 2017 (January transfer) played for BC Vojvodina , where He played/practiced for all youths categories. Transferred from BC Vojvodina to BC Sloboda Neos because BC Sloboda Neos was contender and BC Vojvodina wanst.
       In his last season he played around 25 MPG in BC Vojvodina even though he was younger then any other boy in a range of 1 to 2 years and played a league for boys under 19 years old while he was 16.He had a role of a pure pointguard and game facilitator , where his game vision grew and jumped to another level , but also a spotup shooter and someone who could go ISO , where he as a scorer grew and jumped on very high level of a scorer and ISO guy . Finished that year with around 11 points and 6 assists , that was great when you have in mind he wasnt in any good body shape over that season and had to play against around 3 years older boys! Highlights of that sesaon
       In his first half of a 2017/2018 season he did good , competing in his age group , but BC Vojvodina wasnt contender , so he transferred to BC Sloboda Neos.
       For his first time ever , he had a rough start.In a first game only 11 points 5 assists and 5 rebounds , but he got back on his track in a next game , where he dropped 25 points in a 18 minutes , with 4 assists ! Had a few very , very good games ( 1. 30pts 4ass 2. 35 pts 2ass 3. 25pts 5 assists with 18 fouls made on him!) until he suffered an injury , nothing special but he couldnt play for next 2 weeks. After that period he had some good and some less good games depending of minutes , because he was new and coach was playing a different style of game that he used to play so he had to adapt. Highlights of this season

       Because of everything about him (skills , talent , hard-working , ability to elevate , clutchness ,passion ...) players love to play with him and he get praised for that by players and coaches that play/played or coaches/coached on a high level!... show moreless

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