Stefan Dimitrovski
Age: 18 yrs
Height: 190 cm (6'3")
Nationality: of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
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I started playing basketball from my 7th year and in that time were my first basketball steps, feelings and moments. My first country club was Feniks 2010 where i won the national championship for the kids under 12 years back in 2013. With Feniks i won the Vizura tournament in Belgrade, Serbia as well in 2013 in the concuration of kids under 13 years. In Feniks i was one of the best players and i was always in the starting lineup.That is for the school team as well. Otherwise i had a lot of success in my school team Vlado Tasevski as well where in the season 2013-14 we did not lose any game of the total 27 games and we won even 3 trophies that year. With Vlado Tasevski i won the municipality championship in municipality Karpos, the championship of the city Skopje, the country championship of whole Macedonia(season 2013-14), second place municipality championship, second place championship of the city Skopje(season 2014-15). In my second year for the school team i was named as the captain of the team because i had played the last year where we won the trophies in all 3 competitions and i had a little bit more experience than the other teammates but without them i could not win the second place in municipality and the second place in the city and sure without our coach who has a phenomenal work and has a secret tactic for every opponent we play against and his name is Amdi Musa.  In my new team Fmp Akademija i won the third place back in 2014 for the kids under 14 years in the national competition and even today i am a member of this club where the main focus is the team and the coorporation in the team and not the individual work. Definitely the coaches Nikola Bozinoski and Aleksandar Jovancev had a great impact on my game, cheering me and supporting me from day 1 until today. Unfourtanately i do not cooperate with Aleksandar right now because he had to leave the club from some reasons, but coach Nikola is still here and i try every single day to learn something new on the practices and to become the main man of the team because the coach told me a lot of timesthat he has a big faith in me!  Right now i am in the third year of the high school but i did not have any appereance for the school team yet so i hope that i will make some big things in the high school Gerogi Dimitrov as well. In every team where i used to play i was among the best players, so i was either the best player in the team or in the starting lineup. I amlooking forward for the next steps of my career and i believe that i will achieve a lot in my future career.... show moreless


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2017 - 18
FMP akademija skopje
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