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Hello! My name is Spyros Spyridopoulos. I am from Drama, Greece and I have been playing basketball since 2008. I use both hands but my right one is slightly better. I love playing basketball, I play wherever and whenever I can. You can say, basketball is my passion, addiction. Even cancer couldn't stop me from playing basketball! I am currently playing as a Forward/Center for Titanes Dramas B.C., 1st E.KA.S.A.MA.TH. division, senior team (starting 5) and under 19 team (starting 5 and captain). My current carrer high is 20pts, 9ast, 5blk, 5stl, 12reb. On the 7th January 2018 was my first slam dunk in an official game, away, against A.O. Kavala! I've been in Panathinaikos B.C. Summer Camp 2016-17 with a great feedback from the coach there. I'm looking for a team so I can show what I'm able to do in the court. I'm also looking for an agent.
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