Slavoljub Gorunovic
Age: 50 yrs
Nationality: Serbian
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My name is Slavoljub Gorunovic,  born 15.02.1970. in Vlasotince (small town in  south Serbia).
1984. I was the member of seniour team in Vlasotince (with 14 years), and I was on the wider list for u14 basketball team of Serbia.
Activly played for KK "ZDRAVLJE" (1st Serbian league), KK "MORAVA" (2nd Serbian league) and KK "VLASOTINCE". 
1999. I was called to come to work in KK "PARTIZAN BELGRADE" but I couldn't answer that call  because of job obligations.
2007.I stoped with playing basketball. That same year, I gradueted in COLLEGE OF SPORTS COACHES with grade 10 and I obtained a condition for
getting FIBA license and I was the founder of club KK "VLASINA 07" for work with younger children.  
 I was involved in work with young categories, I trained all categories in Vlasotince from Minibasket to 1st team. I think the biggest succes of my work is my son Mateja Gorunovic born 26.04.2002. year, which is by many eminent experts, scouts, managers, current and former top players voted for one of Europe' biggest talent in his age(on YouTube there are 
a lot of videos that we made and that can show his talent. Just go to YouTube and type "Mateja 
Gorunovic".) My wish is to go with him into serious club or team in which I can work with the 
younger categories as coach , or assistant coach, and to spend my free time training 
with him on his further development. Mateja can be big promoter of BASKETBALL and he can 
attract more children wherever we are...He can help categories from 1999 to 2002 where he 
can play without any problems.
2009-2013. I was working with younger categories in KK "VLASOTINCE" and I was involved in work of National  practices of Basketball  Federation of Serbia.
Mart and April of 2013. I was in BC Al Gharafa , the Qatar champion, where I worked as a coach. 
June of 2013. I worked in Montenegro with U12 selection of CSKA Moscow. 
July of 2013. I worked in ASG summer camp in Montenegro and on Zlatibor. Some of the names who were on the camp: Sergej Bykov (CSKA Moscow, Lokomotiva Kuban, Unics Kazan,…), Jevgenij Voronov (CSKA Moscow, Dynamo Moscow,…), Nikita Shabalkin (CSKA Moscow, Unics Kazan, Lokomotiva Kuban, Khimki Moscow,…)… There were and many young players all ages from Lokomotiva Kuban, CSKA Moscow, Unics Kazan, Spartak Saint Petersburg,…
October  of 2013. -  April of 2014. I helped U13 selection of Actavis Academy from Leskovac to achieve great success in both Serbian league and foreign countries (tournament organized by PAOK in Thessaloniki ), tournament in Ljubljana (Slovenia) , tournament in Kumanovo (Macedonia)…
October of 2014 – I started working in basketball academy in Khimki- Moscow region – Russia. A lot of  BC Khimki and other teams’  players were satisfied with my individual practices.

October of 2015 - I started working in Turkish club called Trabzonspor, Trabzon as a coach for younger players, my son Mateja started playing in the same club

November of 2015 - My son Mateja goes to Acibadem, Istanbul, Turkey, in their younger categories and I am following him. I started with my individual practices in Istanbul and I became a part of one private basketball academy. At the end of February we are back in Serbia.

March of 2016 - I am accepting an offer from the current Moroccan women champion team "ASE" from Essaouira and I am working as an assistant to my a coach Edi Dzelalija in men's section. As soon as I came there was a massive progress both in teams practices and results. In the moment of my arrival the team had 3-3 win/lose ratio . After I took over the team, I have 5 wins and one loss (from those 6 games only one at home) with +15 average. Unfortunately the club has financial problems and they are having a hard time with paying salaries, the players strike with an uncertain epilogue... show moreless


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