Rodney William
Age: 31 yrs
Height: 195 cm (6'5")
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With the help of Ganon Baker,
Basketball Training and Development expert.

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Rodney is a 6’5” strong guard who causes match-up problems on defense and offense.  He is is a lock down defender who takes pride in his defense. Rodney will always be the best defender on the court at all times, while guarding any guard or wing position.  Rodney plays full court defense which will disrupt the opposing team’s offense and make it tough for them to score.

The Knowledge of how to play basketball makes offense come easy to Rodney. While running  the playmaker position, he is able to make the right decisions because of his crafty ball handling skills. Whether it's getting an assist to a teammate, hitting a shot from 3 or mid-range, coming off a ball screen, making a play, or creating offense 1 on 1 for himself, Rodney’s high basketball skills and IQ stand out above most players. Because of his size and strength, he is able to move to the shooting guard position and play off of the ball if needed. Rodney has a very good 3 point shot and is very athletic, which makes scoring come at ease during games and whenever the team is in need of a point guard.... show moreless


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