Reuel Moore
Age: 27 yrs
Height: 182 cm (6'0")
Nationality: American
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Height: 6’2(182cm) Weight: 175(80kg) Position: Guard

College: Albright College Current Team: New England Shamrocks (PBL) Previous Teams: South

America (Liga Direct TV)

Nationality: American

Passport: USA

Birth Date: November 6, 1992

Recommendation: “Reuel Moore has a very high Basketball IQ. With regards to reading temp and game

situations. Good outside shooter with the ability to create his own shot. He is a lock down defender on

opponent’s best players.  Lastly, he is a leader on and off of the court.”- By former NBA Veteran Felipe

Lopez(Memphis Grizzles)

To whom it may concern, It is my pleasure to highly recommend Reuel Moore. I coached Reuel at the 2016

 McNeil Basketball Summit. He stands out as a leader both on and off the basketball court. Super work

ethic with the ability to act as a liaison between different personality types, self motivated with a positive


"On the basketball court he is a guard with exceptional speed and the ability to get to the basket. Solid ball

handler with great penetration skills, and court awareness. A pass first player, defensive stalwart with quick

hands as well as quick feet who makes an impact on both ends of the court. Has increased his shooting

range so is a constant threat to the defender. A perfect gentlemen who goes about his business like the

professional that he is. I recommend him to any employer who is looking for a hard working, dedicated

individual who takes pride in his craft and skill of being a professional basketball player.”


Steve Mergelsberg

Head Men's Basketball Coach

Amistad Professional Basketball Team (Libobasquet)

Sucre, Bolivia

Outlook: “Reuel is a scoring guard but known to be shooter with deep range. When given a small amount

of space he is able to get off his shot. He is quick off the bounce and especially adept at drawing fouls.

Defensively, he is a very good on the ball defender who has the ability to harass even the best athletes.

Reuel is a very good athlete who combines strength, speed, quickness into an overall athletic package.”-

Coach Ferry (Albright College Men’s Head Coach)... show moreless


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