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Radomir Pekic

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By being first in the nation in 3pt % in season 2012/2013, Radomir Pekic has shown his infinite range and proven he is one of the best shooters in the country. That season he brought his team historical victory by scoring 3 point shot in the last second, and therefore taking them to quarter finals Balkan league (European competition). Last year he also played finals in Italy third league and this year second scorer in the league 23,0 PPG. Career: 2012-2015 : Teodo Tivat (MNE first league)-(Balkan league) 2015-2016 : Naples-Virtus Pozzuoli (IT third league)- (Pley off finals), 12,5ppg in season 2015-2016 : Naples- Monte di Procida (IT third league)- Second scorer in league with 23,0 ppg Awards/Achievements: Best 3pt shooter in the country. (Award winning) Third place in Montenegrian junior league. Second place in Montenegrian first league. Third place in Montenegrian first league. Second place in Italy third league.
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