Panayiotis Karvelis

Panayiotis Karvelis

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Started playing at the age of 10 and I haven't stopped practicing since then. This is my passion. This is what I wake up for. This is my life. I am 17 year old and I have competed with numerous age groups from under 14s up to Mens squad. I was born in Athens and raised in a small island called Etoliko in the county of aitolokarnanias. Then I moved to the U.K. 5 years ago where I found a team competing at a  national league. Straight away my coach put me on starting 5 and still playing national up to this day. Age categories would be :
under 14s national league 
under 16s national league
under 17s local league
under 18s national league
Mens local league 
Mens div 4 national league 
Mens div 3 national league
A lot of people around me have seen that I have improved a lot over the course of the years and still am. I believe I am good enough to showcase my talents anywhere. Skye is the limit.....
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