Oliver Plachkov

Oliver Plachkov

Basketball ● Athlete




of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia




Point guard


Oliver Plachkov started playing basketball when he was 6 years old. His first team was "KK Aerodrom" and he played there for 2 years. After he celebrated his 8 birthday he joined a basketball club called "Junior" and he stayed there for 6 years. In this club he learned a lot about basketball and not only how to play the game but how to be a team player.After 6 years he decided that it is time to change the club and go to a team that is more mature and can develop his potential so a coach approached him and asked if he can join his team. The team was "KK Feniks 2010" and his position in this team was point guard (PG) and shooting guard (SG). He played in "KK Feniks 2010" for 4 years and he was captain of the team. When he was 17 years old he was named "Youngest best player in third macedonian league" and his averaged score was 26.7 pts and 7.8 ast. After his beautiful career in "KK Feniks 2010" he was approached by another coach in Macedonia and the team was "KK Karposh Sokoli". He signed with "KK Karposh Sokoli" for 2 years. Within his first year of his contract, the team had a successful year and they got the silver ( they finished 2nd in Macedonia).  In his second year of his contract they also had a successful year where they finished 3rd in macedonian second league. "KK Karposh Sokoli" was the youngest team in the macedonian second league.  He was the key player for the success of the team.
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