Nikola Rudolf
Age: 27 yrs
Height: 189 cm (6'2")
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Nikola started  his basketball career already 1999, with 7 years in basketball club Radivoje Korac, where  he stayed for 3 years. Later after that he changed his next club to Drvomarket Zvezda (section of Red Star), witch changed in 2005 the name in BC Mondo Basket where he was mostly elected for the captain and declared as the best player. In May  he passed over in the BC Red Star where he played from 2005  till 2009 in Youth selections on this well known basketball club. Season 2009/2010 he played in USA/Winston Salem  North Carolina for the high school basketball team. After he came back from America in 2011 he started playing for club called Stari Dif where his club and he gained gold medal of the youth league. After that He continued playing 3rd league in Serbia for different teams. Last season 2016/17 he played 3rd league in Serbia  for club Borac Zemun where he average 25pts, 8 assist per game. Now he is without engagement but will look forward and give his best shot to find a new club.... show moreless


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