Nikola Čubrilo
Age: 19 yrs
Height: 184 cm (6'0")
Nationality: Serbian
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Drills NEW
With the help of Ganon Baker,
Basketball Training and Development expert.

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Former teams: -BC FMP(2007-2010)
                           -BC Red Star(2010-2015)-TEAM CAPTAIN(2013-2015)
                           -BC Žitko Basket(2015-2018)
                           -OKK Belgrade(2018-present)
Career highlights and awards:
-Cup of Belgrade(third place)(2008.)-with 1998. born players
-Cup of Belgrade(third place)(2009.)-with 1999. born players
-Cup of Belgrade(second place)(2010.)-with 2000. born players
-Belgrade Championship(second place)(2010.)-with 1999. born players
-Cup of Belgrade(first place)(2011.)-with 2000. born players
-Belgrade Championship(third place)(2011.)-with 1999. born players
-Belgrade Championship(third place)(2012.)-with 2000. born players
  Awards:Best Lineup(2012.)-Belgrade Championship
               Best assistant(2012.)-Belgrade Championship
-Belgrade Championship(second place)(2013.)-with 1999. born players
-Serbian Championship(third place)(2013.)-with 1999.born players
-Belgrade Championship(first place)(2014.)-with 1999. born players
-Serbian Championship(second place)(2014.)-with 1999. born players
-International basketball cup Ćuprija(first place)(2014.)-with 2000. born players
-International basketball cup DEMŠAR Novi Sad(first place)(2014.)-with 1999. born players
-Žarkovo cup(first place)(2014.)-with 2000. born players
-Award:.Žarkovo cup-best assistant
-New Year Belgrade tournanment(first place)(2014.)-with 2000. born players
-Belgrade Championship(first place)(2015.)-with 2000. born players
-Serbian Championship(first place)(2015.)-with 2000. born players
-International basketball cup DEMŠAR Novi Sad(2015.)-with 2000. born players
-Go to rehearsal to BC Virtus Roma(2015.)-I wish to play in foreign country,i passed the rehearsal but Virtus  Roma drop down in Serie A2 and club was in financial problem.They can't give me  basic conditions.
-Play in Superleague (2016.)-with 1997. born players
-Debut for the senior team in Belgrade Senior league(2016.)
-Play for the senior team as a stanadard member in Belgrade Senior league(2017.)
-Now i'm playing in OKK Belgrade U21 team,and u18 team and train individual with one of the best Serbian coaches Vlado Đurović who is the president of OKK Belgrade.... show moreless


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