Nicola Savoldelli
Age: 22 yrs
Height: 183 cm (6'0")
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Valsesia Basket continues to focus on young talents and talks with satisfaction that she has reached an agreement with Nicola Savoldelli (playmaker 1997 cm.183 kg.78)) that closes the unusual, very young Valsesia Basket roster.
Nicola was born in Bergamo on May 15, 1997 and despite his age, he already has a respectable resume: only two years begins to get acquainted with the ball in the stands encouraged by dad Claudio, a very good basketball coach. Since Nicola entered the gym at the Excelsior Bergamo Society and started the mini-course courses, he never stopped loving this sport, a bit because he definitely "does very well", but also because as team sports is of great teaching In dealing with his comrades, he teaches a spirit of sacrifice and dedication, which passes from the group and not just from the single player. Its glittering youth course is always in Bergamo, but with the company Blue Orobica: under Under 13, with its comrades, is ranked third in the Regional Finals; He then plays in Under 14, making his first place in the Regional Finals and winning the title of best player. In 2011, always in U14, he won with his team the title of Italian Champions in Caorle (Ve) in tournament 3 against 3 and is still awarded as the best player; Always in the same year, he took part in the U15 Finals in Caserta placing himself at the 2nd place. In 2012 he played in the U17 a great championship that will take him to join his team-mates at the Finale Nazionale in Vasto with the 3rd consecutive win and in the same year, in the U15, comes to the National Final in Desio with the fourth consecutive win Inserted in the best quintet of the tournament. Still unhappy with personal victories and personal satisfaction, in the summer of 2012 Nicola participates in a major Spain Friendship Tournament with the Under 15 National. In 2013 he plays in U16 and reaches with his teammates fourth in the European Championship in Kiev (Ukraine ), While with U19 playing national finals in Udine. In 2014, in U17, he played the World Cup in Dubai, placing his team at the ninth place. In 2015 he moved to Rome and split between Veroli (A2 Gold series) and Stella Azzurra Roma (B series); At the same time he also plays in U19 and conquers with his teammates in Turin. In the summer of 2015 he participates in the pre-rally National Captain Under18 coach Capobianco. After the important Roman experience, he returned to Bergamo and joined the company Remer Treviglio (Bg), a team in A2 and is now ready to start the B-series adventure with Valsesia Basket.
Satisfied coach Marco Albanesi commenting on Nicola's arrival in the Eagles row: "Nicola will be our playmaker. It is an underline that does not need presentations. He has a high-level youth training, several national experiences, an U19 championship with the star of Azzurra Rome, major senior experience, such as a year-old B by playmaker titled with 97 'star of the Blue Star and the last championship in the roster of A2 in Treviglio.
Treviglio and the player entrusted us to complete the training and we are happy to be able to give him space and responsibility. He is a very mature man, accustomed to working with concentration and intensity, very good at playing the team and finding his companions. With him and Gay, Cozzoli and Molteni our 1-2 package is completed. "
These are the first exciting statements by Nicola Savoldelli: "I accepted the transfer to Valsesia Basket filled with enthusiasm! I did not hesitate to give a favorable opinion because it is time to test myself in a challenging and important championship like the B series. Valsesia Basket has strongly wanted me and I am sure that I will reiterate that confidence with the seriousness and commitment that have always marked me . Simone Tomasini has spoken to me very well about the company, the city and the fans and I look forward to starting working for the black-and-orange team. The seasons passed first at the Star Blue Rome and then at the Remer Treviglio, they forged me and matured. The conversation with coach Marco Albanesi gave me the right spirit and made me feel the sensation of feeling important again: with him I will have the opportunity to find myself and improve myself. Now it's up to me ....! ".
Nicola a big wolf in the new adventure in Valsesia, welcome to the Eagles family and good championship... show moreless


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2016 - 17
Valsesia Basket
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