Mychael Hearn
Age: 30 yrs
Height: 183 cm (6'0")
Nationality: American
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Cell 909 8413226

Position: shooting guard (#20) / guard (#20)Height: 6'2"Weight: 190lbs.

My style of play is too attack the rim and to be aggressive, I can finish through contact. Great on/off the ball defender. For my size I rebound the ball extremely well. Can come the screen and knock down the open shot or I can turn the corner and dunk on someone. Im a good set shooter. I can create my own shot off the dribble or create for my teammates.  I’m better catching the ball on the wing and attacking the rim. I am a student of the game I am willing to work when people are sleep. For being 6'2" I have a 6' 7" wingspan. Very athletic and competitive. Went to a NJCAA and rated in the top 100 players in the nation. Won 1st team all conference, 1st team all region.


Northern Oklahoma College Enid:Led team the in scoring my sophomore season I average 16 points a game I also shot 45% from the field 33% from the three. I average 5 rebounds 3 assist and 2 steals. I made the top 100 players in the nation. Won 1st team all conference 1st team all region.

-- Coach Greg Shamburg

University Of Hawaii Hilo:I was recruited from my junior college and I transferred to the university where I started both years I was there. I was in top of all categories while attending the university of Hawaii Hilo.

•               JR. Season: 13 points a game 3 assist 5 rebounds shot 48% from the field Sr. Season 16 points a game 3 assist 5 rebounds 51% from the field and 30 % from the three. Career high 28 points and 13 rebounds  

•                After college: went to overseas camps where I played extremely well.

I played in Panama very briefly... show moreless


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