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Milos Pesut

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I started practicing in 2005, my first club was K.K. Zvezdara Crony, I trained there for six years and that is a club where I learned my first basketball steps.
In 2011 I was  transfered at K.K. Vizura. In Vizura i learned some key stuffs for being a player: to be confident,to respect coach and teammates and to be engaged in willing to be a bether than others. I spent four years in Vizura and in my cadet years i played highest rank of competition,Unique cadet league of Serbia.
After that,at 2015 my next destination vas B.K.K. Radnicki wich is my curent club. Over here I have a lead role. My teammates and coach belive in me,and they have full trust in me.
My biggest succsess is wining the Serbias high school competition,and because of that,I had an opportunity to represent my country at ISFs World Scholls Championship at 3X3,and i won 7th place.
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