Michael Bowlers
Age: 26 yrs
Height: 202 cm (6'8")
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My name is Michael Bowlers I grew up in Philadelphia, PA and I been playing basketball since I was 3 years old. I attended Lincoln High School from 08' to 2012 and played varsity all four years and graduated averaging 18 points 14 rebounds 4 assist and 3 blocks per game. I received a full scholarship to Seminole State CC there I average 12 points 8 rebounds and received All-Freshman honors. Going into my sophomore season I attended The College of Saint Joseph. In that year we went all the way to the conference championship game losing to the best team in the conference that year. Within that year I average 14 points 11 rebounds and 3.3 blocks per game. I also received Defensive Player of The Year and was the Most Outstanding Player in the conference tournament. It was a very successful year for me and my teammates but I had to leave in March due to my daughter being born  on February 24, 2014. From that time I been playing basketball continuously, trying to explore every opportunity and trying to make a way for me and my family.... show moreless


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