Mattia Palumbo
Age: 19 yrs
Height: 196 cm (6'5")
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During the Novipiù Europe Cup finished a few weeks ago, besides Edoardo Buffo we were able to admire the overwhelming talent of Mattia Palumbo. Class '00, Palumbo plays in the Star Blue Rome, one of the most important companies in Europe with regard to scouting, recruiting and, consequently, youth basketball. High 1.94 meters, in his team plays the role of guard shooter, but sometimes it is also used as a small wing, due to good manners.

Among the strong points of Lazio there is certainly the shot, especially from the outside, which represents a deadly weapon for the defensive opponents, which often have to mark it intensely even at the far ball. Consequently, his offensive ability is a great advantage for his team. Instead, they need to improve the defensive mentality, rather lacking, and the ability to engage their companions, enough but definitely improved. To strike a confrontation, the player closest to him is Chicago Bulls Doug McDermott.Palumbo in the Novipiù Europe Cup, with his team, came second, just behind Real Madrid, a physically unavoidable team, but despite this he made a lot of emphasis with his 18 points per game.

In addition, the player of the Star Blue is a bunch of Italy under 15, after winning in 2014, playing under age and in 2015, placed in the best quintet with a double-double average (14.8 points + 11.3 rebounds) . Among the other events he attended is the Streetball International Tournament in 2015, selected among the top four in Italy of the year 2000 together with Matteo Laganà, Gabriele Berra and Nicolò Dellosto. Mattia participated in all the tournaments played by the Italian national team in the '00, with an average of nine points per game.... show moreless


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2016 - 17
Stella Azzurra Roma
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