Marshawn Hampton
Age: 31 yrs
Height: 180 cm (5'11")
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Marshawn is a rare player, a true point guard, despite his size. Lightning quick and is almost impossible to stay in front of. Can play above the rim despite his lack of height. Doesn’t have an imposing frame, but compensates with great heart and athleticism. Plays bigger than he is. One of the best passers on the floor night in and night out. Outstanding scorer when needed too. Plays tremendous defense always.He displays great leadership skills on and off the court. Marshawn has the qualities to change the dynamic of a team and a game. Offensively one of the top distributors on the court. Gets about half of his offense in pick and roll situations, but is also capable of spreading the floor with his ability to stroke it from long and unreal range. Forces defenders to respect his three point shot, and he has became a very consistent catch and shoot option on the floor.key to his development Marshawn also creates off the dribble. Extremely efficient in general offensively and can either pull up or finish at the rim. One of the most creative finishers amongst his competitors. Isn’t limited by his height unlike most comparably sized players. Runs a offense well with his savvy ball handling ability. Gets in the lane, draws the defense, and finds his teammates. Does a very good job seeing the floor and reading defenders. Fantastic at controlling tempo—which is a key to a team success. Makes everyone around him considerably better. Marshawn is also a proven winner. Every season he leads his teams to the postseason, he has 1 finals appearance and 3 playoff appearances

Coatzacoalcos Ola Verde
 Liga De Basquetbol Del Sureste Libassur
 -2016 All Star Selection

 Liga De Basquetbol Del Sureste Libassur
 -2015 All Star Selection
 - Player of the Week 3 times
 - 3rd in the league with 3 pointer made
 - 4th in the league in points

 Tracy McGrady All Stars July 2015- August 2015
 1st team to go 14-0 in his 5 year tour against China Top League Teams in the CBA

 Beijing DGXZ (China) Chinese Premier League 2014-15
 MOP Award 4 times (Most outstanding player)

 Tamworth Thunderbolts (Australia)
 Waratah State League 2013
 Lead team to finals (Thunderbolts)
 8 time player of the week (Waratah with Thunderbolts)
All Star 5

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