Marko Radojicic
Age: 28 yrs
Height: 193 cm (6'4")
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With the help of Ganon Baker,
Basketball Training and Development expert.

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Marko Radojičić (193cm), 25 years old player from Kragujevac is looking for a new challenge in his career. He played for all categories at BC “Radnički“ Kragujevac including the first team. From 2012 – 2014 he played for BC „Sloga“ with 14 points per game. In the next season 20014/15, he was a member of BC „Svilajnac“ ( 1st Regional League) and was one of the leaders in his team. His statistic in that season was (18ppg, 1pts-98% , 2pts – 68% , 3pts – 55%) .

Marko can play on positions SG and PG and his best quality is the perfect defense. Marko is true hard worker and during summer he worked individually to stay in shape and be ready for upcoming season.... show moreless


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