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Luka Nikolic
Luka Nikolic
Basketball • Athlete • Serbian
198cm (6'6")
109kg (240.3lbs)
Well this is me, just some random basketball player. I don't have some awsome basketball expirience but I played a lot of games and i have some avarge expirience. Last year I was motivated so hard and i wanted to go to  America and try to start playing basketball there but sudently my coatch starded to putt me out of game for every misstake and i feeled so bad. I am better than all players in my club but coatch just care about money. My parents didnt have a lot of money to give him all the time so i was sitting on bench while some bad guys were in game cuz coatch. I was working hard, training every day more and more just to be better and play more, but it was just opposite. There were games where i was just sitting whole game on bench and looking how my friends can't handle the pressure. I could go to some other clubs and i would probably be even better, but i chosed to stay here cuz i tought that i was to young and that i am not ready for that. Now i wish i went from here back then... Who knows, myb i could go to America that way. Now i lost all wish and i stoped with training about two weeks ago. I miss trainings and i would like to go back but i wll just sitt on bench more and paying for nothing. 

Now something about my social life. I am 17 and i like to hang out with my friends and to have some good time with them. I don't dring alcohol and don't smoke ciggarets, no drugs. I like to listen music, play video games on my PS and so on...My school is great, i have good grades, i am one of better students in my class. This year I was in "Novi Sad" on republic competition and i was 6th. I like to joke, to laugh, to watch movies, go to camping and stuffs like that. Basketball is my passion from the beggining and hope that i wil find some way to play basketball again and maybe to become great NBA player some day. At least, that is my dream and my goal. 

this is me and if u want to talk with me, to met me better, say hello in INBOX and we will talk a bit
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Season 2007 - 2008

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