Liam Patterson
Age: 17 yrs
Height: 185 cm (6'1")
Looking for: College scholarship
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Creative Guard
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Liam Patterson is a 6 foot 1 inch, athletic and versatile guard.  One of Liam's main strengths is his defense.  He is extremely quick and has a reputation for putting the offense under constant pressure.  He reads the plays and anticipates very well, whilst being patient with solid fundamentals and as a result has a number of steals and blocks per game. He has a solid basketball IQ and as a point guard he is capable of absorbing pressure and runs his teams offense to their advantage.  His speed enables him to play fast transition basketball, and he is versatile of both hands enabling him to finish with solid skills at the rim. He has developed a solid 3 point shot, and he averages approximately two 3 pointers a game. Here are some of Liam's credentials over the past 3 years.

2015-16 - Represented Lakeside Lightening in the Under 16 Boys West Australian Basketball League (WABL).  Averaged 12.53 points per game
2016-17 - Represented Lakeside Lightening in the Under 17 Championship division at WABL - Averaged 18.53 points per game.
Voted MVP of the Under 17 WABL League 
Voted MVP of Roadies Club Under 17 league.
Voted Runner Up MVP at Lakeside Lightening.
April 2016 - Selected as reserve for the Under 16 WA State Team
2017-18 - Represented Lakeside Lightening as an under age representative in the Under 18 WABL Championship Division.  Averaged 14.71 points per game.
2018 October - Voted Most Improved Player for Aquinas College in Western Australia.
2018 December - As a 16 year old Selected as part of lakeside Lightening SBL Men's squad.
2019 January - Participated in the Australian Basketball Carnival in the Men's AR Division and led his team to a championship.  Voted MVP of the tournament for his division, and awarded the highest point scorer.  Averaged 20.67 points per game for a total of 124 points.

Along with his basketball credentials, here are some of Liam's core values.  He is a honest, passionate and an extremely hard worker. As an athlete he is constantly striving to improve his skills, and as a player he is extremely coachable, and is an asset to every team that he represents.... show moreless


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2018 - 19
Lakeside Lightening
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