Kristijan Krsteski

Kristijan Krsteski

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of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia






I'm from Macedonia currently 19 years old. Been playing for 7 years professionally before that i played amateur basketball. 
Good aspects of my game: usually shooting from the pass(catch and shoot from the corner 70% of the time )
i can post fade sometimes but im not allowed that much freedom in the team im currently playing. 
I can lock down their sharpshooters chasing through screens. go hard to the basket dunk if i can. I can defend taller players off pick and roll in a mismatch situation box them out. i always run the fast break and get back to defense. Don't use a lot of dribbles keeping it simple. Shooting off screens.
Bad aspects: Sometimes if i get tired i tend to get sluggish. then i will try to preserve myself or call for a change. in contact situations usually i go to the right i don't tend to use my off hand in those moments.
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