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Hello my name is Keevin Berry and I am currently a free agent rookie with a passport looking for clubs to play for. I played in the EuroProBasket Academy in Girona, Spain directed by Brad Kanis and if you are looking for a recent reference to evaluate my style of play and character please contact Brad. I am a 6'1; 193 pounds; 6'4 wingspan PG/SG from Sacramento, California, USA with relentless work ethic and indomitable will to win. I am a team player that loves to facilitate and get all of my teammates involved. However, I have the skill sets to go 1on1 when it is needed. In addition, I am enforcer on the defensive end constantly interrupting passing lanes, pressuring the ball handler into forcing a shot/pass and constantly communicating to my teammates about cutters/screens. I hope you take time to evaluate my highlights/stats and consider giving me an opportunity to play for your club. If you decide to give me an opportunity I promise I will arrive in shape, game ready and ready to learn. I appreciate you reading this email and hope to hear from you soon.
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