Jevontez Byrdsong Byrdsong
Age: 25 yrs
Height: 191 cm (6'3")
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I'm 6'3 198 lbs 

I Can hit the jump shot from anywhere on the court 

Great athleticism

Play as a coach on the floor by setting up my teammates with and without the ball

Nice ball handling skills can get anywhere I want on the floor 

stack the sheet due to my athleticism with blocks and rebounds with the ability to intercept passes

Good dish and drive game

Which showcase I have the potential to be a great playmaker who can create his own shot as well as setup my teammates

I'm the true definition of a competitor
I thrive for competition because it brings out the best of me and makes me play more strategic to adapt to higher levels very quickly.

I have no high school basketball nor college experience due to my love for football when I was younger with goals to play d1 for LSU but that did not stop me from playing basketball recreationally

From the time I was released from my former high school football team I turned my life over to fully commit to basketball.
Since I had built the body for it from 
Intense football workouts when I was on the football team I started to practice on technique.

Note I was only 6'1 at 189 lbs when I decided to commit to developing my skills for basketball so

I played tons of rec ball to get the sense of in game anxiety if I was to play on a team.

However , due to success at being the guy from being last to get pick i quickly went to be the first player to get picked through practice.
With this confidence of being that guy I decided to accept an invite from coach Lando who had this man league team he wanted me to play for.

From the invitation I received I was more than glad to showcase my skills and I didn't slack up when it was game time either .

From the moment I played my few mins on the team my team easily accepted me due to my athleticism and competitive drive to not want to lose.

I played every position on the floor and easily contributed to the team with assists and my mid range jump shot in which I rarely missed.

I guarded all positions on this team and was responsible for cleaning the boards and knocking down open shots
Literally or a problem escalated.

Moreover , after playing with the man league I grew away from the anxiety of playing in front of people and continued to play where there was better competition at other Recs where I would have success.

eventually getting my face known every where I played they knew I was a force with any and every squad I played with.

I decided to move to Texas from Birmingham and play against some of the best competition I have played which was at a 24 hour fitness not to far from a job I worked at.

Guys were much taller shot at a higher percentage way better ball handling skills and athletic like me former high school stars semi pros even d league players from what I heard and my first game there which was still rec play was very intense .

I loved every minute of it from the trash talking to the skills 

And I went out there and people knew then I wasn't just the new guy who talked trash and couldn't play I showed up and showed out .

And it was and still is like that till this day where ever I go I'm the standout and people see that and ask me the same question when I was 16 who you play for and tell me you need to play for somebody.
Well due to some complications in Texas with school registration I moved back to Birmingham Alabama 

Where I would go to Lawson state community college with the goal to play for them for 2 years and transfer to a d1 college to get draft eligibility

However , with disappointing years of trying to make this happen not because of my skills or how I played but due to the school not having enough money for scholarships addition to 17 man rosters each year, I was back at square 1 with years wasted 

The semi pro coach for the Birmingham blitz who is now the magic city surge messaged me one fall and told me he heard good things about me and wanted me to come to tryouts so I jumped on the chance and went to training camp

Due to my dedication and willingness to become better I impressed coach Kourtney the first day where he would tell me to come again and again until I had finally made the roster

With the feeling of finally being to be on a team I worked relentlessly on my game especially ball handling so I could have the upper hand on my competition.

After two games I became frustrated with not being able to play in the games when I was shutting down the best scorer in practice numerous times 
dd scarver
After one unexpected final practice with the blitz due to transportation problems I racked up my first double double in our team scrimmage with 16 pts 10 reb 4 assist and 3 stls 

Which gave everybody rave confidence of what I can do .

Reflecting to that day after the team scrimmage everybody came up to me as if I had won the game winning shot .

Therefore, with this success of playing many d1 college players former highschool standouts semi-pros and overseas pro ballers  with no basketball experience but YouTube vids and learning from game video game animations 

I'm continuing my path to be a professional basketball player and won't stop until I have a career as one.... show moreless


2016 - 17
Magic City Surge
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