Jernell Hughes
Age: 26 yrs
Height: 189 cm (6'2")
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Player: Jernell Hughes
Location: Immokalee FL
Phone: 239-357-9355

            6'3 Ht 193Wt

            1/2 Guard


            Good Defender

            Very Competitive, Very Confident, Very Humble

            Great Teammate

            Good IQ

Basketball Accomplishments:

Fourth Year College: Upper Iowa University

12.7pts 2.5reb 2.3ast  25 min avg

2nd leading scorer on team.

Average 21.5 2nd half of the season

Career high 32pts against D2 National Champs (Augustana University)

Third Year College: Upper Iowa University

6.0pts 2.0ast 2.5reb 16 min avg

Second Year College:

Hillsborough Community College:

13.0pts 3.5ast 4.0reb 21 min avg

  2nd Team All conference

Freshman year College:

College of Central Florida Community College:

9.5pts 4.0reb 3.5ast 17 min avg

High School: 25.5ppg 5.0ast 4.5reb.

                       Mcdonalds All American Nominee

                       Top 10 Scoring in the state of Florida

                       1st Team All State, JR and SR Year

                        Currently holds school record 53pts in a single game... show moreless


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