JaMarlon Foster
Age: 28 yrs
Height: 188 cm (6'2")
Nationality: American
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Ja'Marlon Foster is the son of Semetra and Cedric Foster; Cedric Foster who played football for the great Eddie Robinson at Grambling State University. Jay or J5 as known by friends and teammates was born and raised in the Oakcliff area of Dallas Texas. Started playing sports at the age of 4! He is very athletic playing football, basketball, and baseball all the way up to his junior year of high school. Jay graduated from the well know Dallas Carter High School and went on to play both football and basketball at Howard Payne University to stay close to home and also help take care of his daughter Amaiah who is 6 now! After a year and a half at Howard Payne J transferred to Grambling State University; due to other situations J sat out of competition his first year at Grambling!! The following year was ruled ineligible for the following season so he never got to play! But that never stopped him through hard work and determination to make his dream a reality he landed a spot on a semi-pro team the Dallas Diesel and after a productive season averaging 18.5 points a game he secured a try-out and won a spot on a UBA/ABA pro team the NTX Fresh where he finished his rookie season averaging 15 points a game. But ABA/UBA was not enough for J as he felt and believed he could play at a much higher level! After multiple scam attempts from agents and alleged pro teams J finally landed the chance to go play for C. B Sabadell Sud a Liga Copa team in Sabadell Spain which is on the outskirts of Barcelona team where this past season he was the starting guard and leading scorer averaging 16points a game along with 5 assist. Currently J is back at home in Dallas managing his youth skills training business and working out staying in shape awaiting his next opportunity.... show moreless


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2016 - 17
c.b sabadell
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