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Hubert was a full scholarship athlete for the NIU (Northern Illinois University) Men's basketball program, and is an alumnus of the CEET (College of Engineering and Engineering Technology) department, receiving his Bachelor of Science in December of 1995. Following an internship as part of the prerequisite to complete his final year of studies, Hubert was hired by the multinational corporation A.O. Smith Harvestor (Dekalb, IL.) to assist in the internal audit for ISO 9001 certification. Hubert's responsibilities placed him between the engineering department and the production center during the evaluation and implementation of QMS (Quality Management Standards). During that same period, Hubert continued to hone his basketball skills and strengthen his body, not knowing that a future career in professional athletics would materialize. The first opportunity to join the professional ranks came in the form of a two-month contract in East Asia, Hong Kong.

Following Hubert's first professional experience in East Asia, during the summer of 1996 while playing in the IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology) Pro-Am NBA sanctioned summer league, Hubert was discovered and approached by Jean-Pierre Staleans the general manager of L.S.C.B. (Levallois Sporting Club Basket), now Paris-Levallois. L.S.C.B. was an LNB (Ligue National de Basket) league team, the French equivalent to the NBA. The IIT Summer League was a haven for some of Chicago’s most talented players and a generation of future NBA All-Stars. Thanks to the support and opportunity provided by Hubert’s college coach and mentor Brian Hammel, and Glenn Sergent of Marathon Oil, Hubert got a rare occasion to showcase the true extent of his skills. After paying his dues, that chance to go head-to-head with current and future legends of the game the likes of Kevin Garnett, Tim Hardaway, Michael Finley, Glenn Robinson, Antoine Walker and even some of the World Champion Chicago Bulls players, payed off. Hubert was the league’s third leading scorer at almost 29 points per game. That platform and opportunity lead to Hubert’s first professional league contract and a three year deal with the L.S.C.B.

A fifteen-year professional career ensued from 1996 to 2011. Hubert’s travels have taken him from East Asia (Hong Kong), to the Middle East and multiple other destinations within the European Union while competing in European Cup competition with L.S.C.B. Western Europe became his focus. Primarily France and Switzerland are where Hubert chose to concentrate the development of his professional career, on and off the court. Paris, the most popular touristic destination on the planet was the market of choice to promote his advisory services. France and certainly Paris, is an emerging market for Sports and Entertainment. The two largest professional teams in the Paris region are where Hubert called home for five seasons (L.S.C.B., and JFS Nanterre)​. Both teams currently participate in the LNB French first division professional league.

Coming full circle following a very successful international career, Hubert returned to higher education receiving his Masters 2 (AGOS - Administration & Management of Sports Organizations) in 2011 from the University of Creteil (Paris-12), France. Fine-tuning his vision and approach through adaptive advisory services, Hubert's focus has now turned towards the future of QMS and emerging markets. The assessment and promotion of the Sports and Entertainment industries,  their development and performance related issues, remains a delicate process. Hubert’s unique background, education and hands-on experience encompasses amateur and professional athletics at every level. Continued growth of both grassroots and corporate initiatives, locally and at the transnational level, are the focus of HFR Consulting's future development objectives.

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