Goran Premovic Premovic
Age: 38 yrs
Nationality: Serbian
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2005-High Basketball School Belgrade

2009-Sports Academy Belgrade-Sports management

Start to practice basketball with 6. Play in basketball team Radnicki. Stop to play in 17 because i realize i am short 172 cm and decide to become coach. Still work on skills untill today that i can transfer easier on players. 


2000- start to coach kids
2001-organize own basketball club KORG 011 with around 100 kids, organize basketball schools in kindergartens and schools, run games.
2004-2008-Still work with kids in own club and Organize female senior basketball team in Serbia and from lower level in few years we bring him in second division. Work president job, coach job, management job.
2008- Start to work in France in Basketball Academy 22 ft with international players. Left on end of season because coach want to fired head coach and to put me on his place. I left because head coach bring me like assistant and wasnt fer to take his spot.
2009-2013 Europe Basketball Academy - development coach
2013-2015- become FIBA agent in Geneva Switzerland, scout talents all around world, represent players. Stop to have licence 2015 because i decide to keep coaching talents because it wasnt easy to represent good players, already big agency have monopole. Keep represent decent level players and focus to represent and work with younger players.
2015- work in China Youcan basketball club with young players, also after 2 month in China from 60 international coaches get reword like coach of the month and become part of short coaching team 1 of 5 coaches who build plans for all Company.
2016- China club offer new contract, also few more clubs in Asia offer contract but i come home, still i didn't decide should i bo back in Asia. Start to work for Synergy Company game scouting, keep work development coach job, part-time scout talents for few good Basketball Agency, work for biggest China Company for foreigners Employing.

FUTURE DESIRE: To work for good Europe team with some younger team or talented players. To build own small practice gym. To start to produce organic food. Visit Jerusalem, Russian and Greece holy Orthodox Christian places.

BIGGEST BASKETBALL RESULTS: develop more than 50 amateur players, from amateur level i put them in pro teams what is not easy. Scout kid from Africa 2011 with 2-10 sec videos bring him in Spain and few days ago he signed with Phoenix Suns training camp. Be involved in basketball road of some talents in few Europe Countries who are in national teams starting 5. I didn't get fired, all jobs i left. I create own coaching style how to teach skills kids for short possible period. 

LANGUAGE: English, Serbian and ex Yugoslavia Countries language. 

LIFE PHILOSOPHY : I need time to explain to you :) 

RECOMMENDATION: Dragan Jankovski, Vice President of Beobasket basketball agency, dragan@beobasket.net... show moreless


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