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Franci Brami
Franci Brami
Basketball • Athlete • Albanian
167cm (5'5")
Point guard
70kg (154.4lbs)
My name is Franci Brami and I am 15 years old. I was born in Albania in 5 March 2003 and I moved to Greece when i was only 2 years old (2005).I am playing basketball for 5 years at the Olympiakos Voloy B.C. I am interested only in Basketball. I have not played in another team or sport with a training club.I have passed the proficient exams and I know 3 laguages.My mother tongue which is albanian the greek laguage which i learnt it by myself because I grew up in greece and the english language.All I want is to play basketball profesionaly and i really want to join the NBA but I need to go to college first as I know but i would also like to play in Europe league!This is the reason that I am training more than my teammates by myself at a basketball court for about 3 hours.My team training is 3 times a week which 1 of them is a basketball game.The orhter 2 days we are training for about 1 hour and 15 minutes and for me it is not enought.The only problem that i have is my shooting because I dont have self confidence and I always say that the shoot that i will make is not going in and I am losing the 2 or 3 points.But I didnt give up and I trained for about 1 week only my shooting everyday for 3 hours and I can say that i have really improved it.At the free shots I am good enough and also my handles and my  dribling is good enough.I am a good defender at my position and I have been trained only for the point guard position and when I play another position I feel very useless and i just can not play well.This is keeping me back but it is not my fault that i have been trained to be point guard.... show moreless

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