Federico Poser
Age: 20 yrs
Height: 206 cm (6'9")
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Drills NEW
With the help of Ganon Baker,
Basketball Training and Development expert.

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Physically dominant on peers. It has a well-defined body structure, with a uniform width from the shoulders to the pelvis. Despite its remarkable muscle mass, elevation is one of its strengths. It has to work on the speed of movement, so you can make a jump from athletic point of view.

Beneath the basket has good offensive movements, coupled with the fundamentals of his role: foot movement, semigancio, ambidextrous support to the board. He can position himself under the iron by exploiting his physical strength. In post-bass is a factor in attaching basketball shoulders, thanks to the ability to finish even in fade away. The shooting mechanic is good and can also find solutions from the average distance, if triggered by the comrades. He needs to improve both in putting ball to the ground as well as the free, given his natural tendency to make contact. Its effectiveness is directly proportional to the teHis great elevation and his physical preponderance allow him to be a great rebounder and defender of post. This is combined with game vision and tactical intelligence to be a factor far away from the painted, interrupting opposing offensive transitions or slipping against an external in 1vs1. He must learn not to focus solely on man's defense, increasing his performance even in the area and in covering the spaces.am chess game.... show moreless


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