Federico Miaschi
Age: 20 yrs
Height: 194 cm (6'4")
Nationality: Italian
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The Italian Basketball National has always been characterized for completeness on both sides of the field and uniformity at roster. In recent years, however, there has been an increase in small and, in particular, shooting guides such as Davide Moretti, Diego Flaccadori and Mattia Palumbo.

A boy who, hopefully, will be part of the new leverage of the Italian Basketball National is Federico Miaschi. Class '00, Miaschi is a guard of 192 cm militant in Reyer Venice under 16 and 18. In Venetian society is

Miaschi with mesh number 11 of Reyer Venice
Landed in the 2014/15 season, reduced from the juniors disputed with the jersey of the CAP Genova and Aurora Chiavari.

Among the strengths of Miaschi is definitely the shot and the ability to score: in fact, the Liguria is a pure shooter and a great finalizer. Instead, his weaknesses are the defense away from the ball and playmaking, despite being improved since he came home to Reyer. 

Federico Miaschi twice participated in the national finals in 2014, in the Under 14 with C.A.P Genoa and in 2015 at the U15 with Reyer Venezia. In both cases he ended his experience with more than 20 average points and in 2014 he was placed in the top quintet. Miaschi also participated in the NextGen Tournament adidas last December, playing under age (was reserved for '98) and scored eight points Media in three games. He also participated in the Jordan Brand Classic in Zagreb and for two years is a fixed point of the Italian National Class '00. The best possible comparison is that with Riccardo Visconti, a shield guard class '98 also in force at Reyer Venice, while a more ambitious comparison may be that with Ray Allen.

Federico Miaschi is surely one of the best players in the class in Italy and Europe, one of the best Italian guards of the new lever and all Italians hope to represent a new generation full of successes.... show moreless


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2016 - 17
Reyer Venezia
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