Eugenio Beretta
Age: 23 yrs
Height: 208 cm (6'10")
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Eugenio Beretta (Luiss Roma) convened in National Under 20
The 208cm long is traveling at an average of eight points and six rebounds per game: "I really want to thank my teammates and staff for this summoning."
ASD LUISS announces with great pride that athlete Eugenio Beretta, militant in the basketball team in the Serie B championship, was summoned to the Italian Under 20 National for the rally held in Cantù on April 4 and 5.

Eugene, a 208cm pivot that will take 20 years in a few days, is in the first year with the shirt of his University, with whom he debuted in Serie B championship last October. Beretta, who has played 25 races so far, has 8 points and 6 rebounds per game, which are worth an average of 11.7 in 25 'of average use, and this season he has already made 7 double-doubles, making himself a protagonist of the " A great return to the formation of Coach Paccariè, which is a step away from achieving direct salvation in the third National Series.

Another great satisfaction, therefore, for the team luisins that in this two-year saw three athletes reaching the blue jersey, confirming the excellent work done on the young by the technical staff. Before Eugenio, in fact, Pino Sacripanti, coach of Italy Under 20, had summoned, in the past season, Leonardo Marcon and Francesco Faragalli, both of the '95 class. Previously also Antonio Smorto, playmaker luisins in 2013/14, had attended a rally of the blue representative.

"I was very thankful to teammates and staff - declare number 15 to be lucrative - because I believe that this summation is largely due to them, that they have trusted me from the very beginning and have always maintained a high level Of the workouts by stimulating me to improve. "

Eugenio is complimented by the whole ASD LUISS and a great one in the wake of his first experience with the colors of the Under 20 National, after those with the U19, U18 and U16.

It is also announced that on April 14th will be held the admission test for LUISS Guido Carli's three-year Laurea triennale and magistrale courses, and all the players who would be interested in becoming the protagonists of the team in 2016/17 (4 / 5 new entries) can send their request to including a sports curriculum.... show moreless


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2016 - 17
Luiss Roma
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