Edoardo Buffo

Edoardo Buffo

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Point guard


PHYSICAL / ATHLETIC: High and good size for the role, it is a great physical profile. It has a great control of its own body and is able to absorb the opposing contacts apparently without affecting it. It currently has athletic limits.

ATTACCO / TIRO: With a great understanding and vision of play, it also has an excellent ball handling and has instincts both for the basket and for the assist. he wants to create both for him and her companions, he takes many risks and sometimes tends to exaggerate, making decisions wrong. Penetration has a wide range of solutions to evade both your opponent and the long-serving, while long distance shooting can be improved (both as percentages and as a mechanic). Personality player and very competitive.
DEFENSE: it has body to defend, even if the commitment is swinging. The feet are not very fast and the side slides are affected. He can anticipate the action, knowing what's going to happen first.
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