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l started playing basketball when l was 10 yrs old , my first coach was one of the best players in former Yugoslavia,record holder in steals as well as 2 times best scorer in Yugoslavian (Serbian) regional league and All-Star player from Novi Sad, Zlatko Bolic.He was my coach for 5 yrs and during this time l played in VIBA ( Vojvodina International Basketball Assotiation) league,during the last season l was fourth scorer in leauge (l had multiple injuries that stoped me form taking the first place) and the first player avg. prox. 19 points per game,while playing on center/forward position,also l set record scoring 43 points in one game and 31 points in playoff game,but we didin't won the championship that year. In season 2015/16 l played for BC "Defense" in KSV league,we were undefeated in group stage and we were one of the beast teams that year,but we didin't won the championship and finished on third place that year. Also that year l was selected in County selection of Novi Sad and played in Regional Youth Games U18(l was 16 yrs old at the time) in Pecs (Hungary).This league was formed by the best teams from Osjek-"Vrijednosnice"(Croatia), Tuzla-"Sloboda" (Bosnia and Hercegovina),Subotica-"Spartak"(Serbia),Pecs-"Ratgeber academy"(Hungary) and we were the second that year. Now im playing on guard position in BC "Sloboda" and County selection of Novi Sad.

P.S.: l have wingspan 208cm.
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