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Dusan Mandic
Dusan Mandic
Basketball • Coach • Serbian
Active Since
-Dusan Mandic 03.01.1984. Negotin (Serbia)
-Basketball coach, master professor of physical education and sports.
-I have been doing a job since 2007. I worked in all categories in the men's and women's basketball ranging from minibasket  to senior.
-Success :
1.placement of the senior from the second Serbian league in the first 2014
2. Transfer with seniors to the other federal league of Serbia and won 5th place in 2016.
4..Champion quality league of young pioneer rksis 2017
5.Planments to the final tournaments of regional leagues in various younger categories of rksis.
6.National champion  of Serbia,cadets 3x3 (girls) in the framework of youth sports 2016.
7.Champion of the International Youth Sports Games in Split (Croatia) 2016.
8.Work on numerous basketball camps (Kasta, Eco Serbia Basket Camp, Red Star summer camp ...)... show moreless

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