Donovan Phillips
Age: 31 yrs
Nationality: American
FIBA licence: 2017504749
Represents players:

I am the Founder of The Champions Agency based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Over the years, I have developed relationships with scouts, agents, coaches, and team executives and successfully placed players on teams in Europe and worldwide. Most importantly, I understand the value of educating players on the business of their sport. I created The Champions Agency as a platform that empowers players to become the best version of themselves, while enjoying a long, successful professional career. I stand by my players, and the services we provide.


We've built quality relationships with clubs over the years. Using our extensive network, we are able to place players in high level leagues overseas. 


We represent our players in matters on and off the court. We take the time to understand what's truly important to our players and get the job done. 


We encourage players to look at themselves as a business. We create a plan that bridges the gap between where our player is and where he wants to be.

Legal & Financial: 

We understand the risks of playing overseas. We help with the legal and financial side to provide peace of mind so you can focus on the game.

Post Career: 

Basketball doesn't last forever. We work with players to help prepare them for life after basketball.... show moreless

Extra info
The Champions Agency
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
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