Donald Rutherford
Age: 32 yrs
Height: 201 cm (6'7")
Nationality: American
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Versitle 3/4 combo forward 
2018- Current France NM2 
2016- France NM1 Aix Maurienne Won Championship moved up a tier to Pro B. 7 ppg 3 rebounds 2 assist 17 mins per game
2015- Colombia Colo1 (Final 4)14.3 ppg 11 rebounds 2.4 assist 
2015- ECBL (USA) Champion All League Finals MVP 21ppg 8.8 rebounds 3.3 assist 
2015- Dominican Republic 17.1 ppg 8 rebounds 2.2 assist 
2014-TRBL Champion All League 18.9 ppg 8 rebounds 3 assist 
2014- Israel National League Final 4
2013- Israel National League 19.2 ppg 7.7 rebounds 1.4 assist 
2013- TRBL (USA) Champion All League 19.8 3.0 assist
2012-13 Denmark Allstar Silver medalists Power Forward of the Year 21.7 ppg 9.7 rebounds 3 assist 
2012- TRBL (USA) Champion All League 
2011-12 Denmark Allstar 21.3 ppg 8.3 rebounds 1.7 assist 
2010-11Denmark Allstar 15 ppg 7.1 rebounds 1.7assist... show moreless


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