Dominique Birdieb Smith Hod
Age: 32 yrs
Height: 0 cm (0'0")
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Very impressive skills for this playmaking PG. The first thing you notice is the confidence and swagger that she plays with. Smith has the ability to play at different speeds and controls the tempo at her discretion. She has the ability to pull-up on a dime in traffic and consistently hit mid-range jumpers which shows she is capable of being efficient and effective on the pro level, "A High level pro should be able to score efficiently from mid-range and she specializes in doing so", that makes her an above average commodity. Smith scores from every way possible, from attacking or shooting her potent pull-up, low and deceptive handles allows her to get into her spots at will. A good decision maker with the ball that can play in different styles and settings and shows she is a willing and capable passer to open teammates. There is always a spot on the floor for a lock down defender, "Dominique Smith is your girl". She  anticipates passing lanes well and causes extreme havoc on on-ball pressure, able to do the dirty work needed.

Outlook: A high level pro player that has pedigree to contribute right away. WNBA can be in near future if she continues to mature and continue learning the nuances of running a team, very impressive and respected lead guard.

 .......Certified Pro Basketball Scout, Monta Williams of H24M... show moreless


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