Dimitrios Xouridas
Age: 64 yrs
Nationality: Greek
Role: -
Current team: -
Represented by:

Previous Teams: 
ERMIS BC A2 nat. div. 2012-14 
XANΘ ( YMCA) A reg. div.- C nat. div. 2005-10 
ERMIS BC C & B nat. div. 2003-05 
AIAS BC A2 nat. div.2002-03
BAO B nat. div.	2000-01
MANTOULIDES BC B nat. div.1999-00
MENT A2 nat. div. 1998-99
IRAKLIS BC A1 nat. div.1996-97
BAO A2 nat. div.1995-96
XANΘ ( YMCA) C nat. div.1994-95
MENT women A1 nat. div.1993-94
MACEDONIKOS BC C & B nat. div.1989-93
BAO C and B nat. div. 1986-89
IRAKLIS BC assistant coach A1 nat. div. 1985-86
MACEDONIKOS BC C & B and A reg. div.1982-85
European experience: 
IRAKLIS BC (SAPORTA CUP up to semifinal)
Additional skills:
Teacher in the official Greek basketball coaching lectures for more than 15 years.
Success Story: 
1 championship in C reg. div.
1 championship in B reg. div.
2 championships in A reg. div.
3 championships in C nat. div.
1 championship in A2 nat. div.
2 cups in reg. div.
Coaching philosophy: 
Having coached at almost all levels of competition, I came to realize that to press and fans, winning is the primary criterion of success for a coach. To me, however, winning is important but not everything; striving to win within the legal and moral bounds and making any effort possible, is the most important thing.
For a team to be successful it is necessary to be characterized by discipline, team effort, cohesiveness, excellent conditioning and good knowledge of fundamentals. Making players love hard work, want to improve and play at the highest level of concentration, are also elements of success.
I strongly believe that everything must be analyzed and explained to the players. That would help athletes become better players and persons as well.
Feeling great responsibility towards my players’ overall development, makes me seek continuous improvement. Although winning at all costs has never been part of my coaching philosophy I have had the great pleasure to see my teams win 8 championships and a lot of my players play at high professional level.... show moreless


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