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Dimitrije start to practice basketball when he have 8 years. He start to practice basketball is his home town team K.K ABBA Baric. After even few month of practice his coach Nikola Jocic recognize that kids have high IQ for basketball. He spent in K.K ABBA until 2009. In K.K ABBA he was best player and he was very good against best teams in Country and K.K Red Start recognize him and Dimitrije join 2009 K.K Red Star. He spent in K.K Red Star Belgrade from 2009-2014. From 2014 he return to his first team again K.K ABBA to clean his papers that he can go easy in some other club out of Serbia without any problems. From June 2015 he join Basketball Club IBAM in Germany. Basketball Club IBAM is basketball academy in Germany who select high prospects in Germany and out of Germany and they play best competition for young players in Germany. Dimitrije first year like younger Junior play very good games. This year he is one of 2 best prospects on PG position in all Germany. This year Basketball club IBAM is very good and they have big chances to play final 4. Also Dimitrije play and Regional 1 league for senior team Shwabing. Senior team is youngest team in league and idea is that kids get experience in senior competition parallel. 

Junior league stats ( NBBL ) - 32,4 min, Pts: 14 , assists: 6 , Reb: 4,5 , Steals: 3,5   , +17,25

Senior league stats: 21,4 min, Pts: 9,6 , assists: 4 , Reb: 2,4 , Steals: 2
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