Dimitrije Grahovac

Dimitrije Grahovac

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Dimitrije he started to play basketball when he was 9 years old, his first club was KK Zvezdara Crony, there was first a novice poor among the players at the club but after a few months of his great work and resistance trainers are seen to have talent and that worth, coaches decided to train harder .par months after he becomes captain, and be among the best players in the team, after a little longer time and work Dimitrije becoming the best player in the team and moving to play for the elderly which was also dominant in KK Zvezdara crony by 2014.then transferred to the best club in Serbia and that is KK Partizan on that team was a little harder to fight for his place but he worked hard and got a place in a club where there are very good playing time (20 min) and reaches a good contribution ( 10-18 points), (6-12 assists), (3-8 rebounds), (ramps 1-5), (2-7 steals) best game in KK Partizan he was (30 min) (26 points) ( 12 assists), (10 rebounds), (1 ramp), (4 steals) .pos a while comes a new coach (2017), who left to answer Demetrius, and for that reason the search for a new club.
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