Denzel Washington
Age: 25 yrs
Height: 201 cm (6'7")
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Denzel Washington is an American semi professional basketball player from the South Side of Chicago. He currently plays for the Libertyville Vipers in Chicago, IL.
He began his basketball career playing varsity at Hinsdale Adventist Academy, averaging 23 points. After high school, Washington was enrolled in the College of Dupage from 2012-2013, where he played for The Hall of Fame Coach, Don Klass. While there, Washington was off of the bench the entire season and by playoffs was able to start; leading the team to the 4th spot in the region. Having an average of 9.5 points a game while shooting 42% from the 3 point line and grabbing 4 rebounds a game, Washington was determined to make a name for himself.
At the end of his freshman year of college his Grandmother, with whom he was living with, lost her battle to cancer. After her passing, Washington stayed close to home which unfortunately reflected in his grades. Washington was deemed ineligible at the end of his sophomore year and as a result he had used all of his Juco eligibility. With not having the grades or the footage needed, Washington received no letters from colleges and was unable to enroll into a D1 school to continue his basketball career in an university setting.
Washington did not allow that to stop him. He used his pain to focus on making his dream his reality. He began playing in some of the biggest pro ams the city has to offer and played with some of the best teams in the city.
Early in the year of 2015, Denzel decided to actively pursue a professional basketball career by way of combines and oversea camps. His first venture was the Nike Chi League in Chicago playing amongst the best competition the city and the Midwest has to offer like Jabari Parker, Iman Shumpert, Keifer Sykes, Tyler Ullis, Rob Convington, Sherron Collins and Chris Singleton. He averaged 10 points and had multiple high flying highlight moments. This same month Washington also played in the OBC (Oversea Basketball Combine) in Las Vegas Nevada averaging 17 points for the 3 night tournament. The spring of 2016 Denzel spent his time training with Coach Woods from Malcolm X College in Chicago IL, where he prepared for his upcoming combine "Bridgewater Academy" in Las Vegas, NV. There he met Armando Valadez, Asan Ahad and Eric Bellamy who watched closely as he had a good showing at their respective camp. He then returned to Chicago to once again compete in the summer highlight, The Nike Chi League pro am.
Washington currently averages 26 points and 7 rebounds per game. He is a Free Agent.... show moreless


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2016 - 17
Libertyville Vipers - ABA
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