Demarrio Nelson
Age: 32 yrs
Height: 206 cm (6'9")
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Demarrio Nelson

Height: 206cm / 6'9'' Weight: 217lbs Position: Small Forward Born: Jan 6th 1987 Nationality: USA

Scouting Report: Demarrio is a big time athlete with an unbelievable amount of potential. A solid rebounder and shot blocker. He can also score well on the block , mid range and also can shoot lights out from 3 point range. High enegry versatile big man able to face the basket and put the ball on the floor to beat a defender. Skilled back to the basket offensive game, hits the offensive glass hard. Can defend all position on the floor. Was a CBA New-Comer in 2008 first game deput scored 13pts 6reb 2blks against one of the top teams in the CBA and also played for the Georgia Gwizzlies(CBL) in the summer of 2009 avg. 27ppg 12rpg 3blks including worked out for the Atlanta Hawks and Indiana Pacers of the NBA.

Career History: 
2017 Made the 2017 UBA Sophomore All-Star team and 2017 UBA Honorable Mention award

2017 Georgia Vipers (UBA) 19.2ppg 7.5rpg 1.9apg 1.0bpg 

2016 Southwest Warriors (ABA) 21.6ppg 13.6rpg 4.0bpg

2015 - 2016 Atlanta Legend 9.5ppg 6.5rpg 2.0bpg 2.0apg (UBA)

2015 Drafted 3rd 16th pick in UBA Draft to the Georgia Prime (UBA)

2014 Macs All-Stars (ABA)
17pts 11rebs

2014 Wallace Prather Jr. Pro Summer League And Korean Basketball Camp in Atlanta.

2013 - 2014 Palmetto Flight (TRBL) 10.1ppg in 4 games

2012 - 2013 Georgia Prime (UBA)

2011-2012 Wyoming Rough Necks (ABA) 17ppg 9rpg 3bpg in 4 games

2010-2011 VOF Stone Mountain Hawks (UBA) 11ppg 6rpg 2bpg

2010 Prather Wallace Jr Pro Summer League

2009 Training Camp with the NBA Atlanta Hawks

2009 Prather Wallace Jr Pro Summer League

2009 Georgia Gwizzlies(CBL) 27ppg 12rpg 3bpg

2008 Prather Wallace Jr Pro Summer League

2007-2008 Atlanta Krunk(CBA) 13ppg 6rpg 2bpg

2006-2007 Shawnee CC (NJCAA) Started as a JC Prep freshman at The Rock All-American Camp

2005-2006 Banneker High School (College Park, GA) 15.7ppg,12.7rpg, & 4.8bpg

Selected for Feb Atlanta Tip-Off Club Team of the month in 2006

Top 20 in the state of Georgia in Class 2006

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2017 - 18
Georgia Vipers
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