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DeMarcus Berry
DeMarcus Berry
Basketball • Scout • American
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Through my experiences in basketball I have acquired a skill set that can help add value to Basketball programs. By using my skills and knowledge in video editing and scouting, I can save coaching staffs hundreds of hours of tedious work over the course of a season. 

I am proficient with using Synergy Sports Software and other film editing platforms. I can help aid in the coordination of  advanced scouting efforts by breaking down video and cutting film to create edits of any aspect of the game. I can create team and individual scouting reports based on video and advanced statistics. I can also create reports to help the staff and players prepare areas for improvement during your skill development programs and workouts for individual players. In addition, I can chart ANY advanced statistic the staff think is valuable.  

Here are the areas I can help your team this season:

*Video scouting for EVERY team in the league for game preparation & edits as needed
*Prepare and breakdown all opponents' games
*Advanced Scouting Reports
*Creating a Video Master Playbook for EVERY team
*Team Scouting Reports
*Individual Player Scouting Reports
*Production and maintenance of the teams offensive playbook throughout the season as well as tracking all offensive possessions for every game.
*Data Analysis, shot charts, lineup & player efficiency, and possession analysis
*Provide support to coaches and staff as needed.... show moreless

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