Dario Zucca
Age: 23 yrs
Height: 201 cm (6'7")
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Proger Chieti is proud to announce Dario Zucca's pivot class, '96, coming from the Serie B championship, where he played an excellent season, playing in the Valsesia Basket of Borgosesia. Dario, Cagliaritan of birth, left Sardinia in 2012 to climb first in Scavolini Pesaro and then in Reyer Venezia, the company to which he currently has his card and where he came to play the final of the under 19 league in 2014. Always in the lap Of the national teams, Pumpkin was in the roster of the national cadets that four years ago has come fourth in the European championship. Player of great technical and physical qualities can occupy the roles of the wing and center. The figures of the last season describe a great first impact with the senior world. In the season, he played all 30 of the challenge with a mean score of 8.3 for almost 19 games, with a percentage of the score being 58% and averaging 5 rebounds. Even better were his figures in the 8 playoff games, in which Dario was sent to the field for an average of over 24 ', raising his point contribution to 10.1 at the race, with 61% of realization.

               To describe the characteristics of Dario Zucca, this time is Pino Di Paolo, vice coach of the Proger technical staff, who during last year's Under 19 World Championship got to know him well: "Dario is a young man of great potential, determined , Motivated and with good quality both athletic and technical. In the past season, for the first time outside of the youth category, it has been growing steadily. Which makes good hope for a further leap of quality. I personally judge him as one of the best in the class of '96, he is a very interesting player and I know well, having been fortunate to train him last summer in Under 19 National. He is a great application guy who has joined with great Interest and enthusiasm for our project and that, of course, working on Galli's orders will only keep on growing. "... show moreless


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2016 - 17
Magic Basket Chieti
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