Danilo Vukajlovic
Age: 19 yrs
Height: 188 cm (6'2")
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Drills NEW
With the help of Ganon Baker,
Basketball Training and Development expert.

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Since I was seven years old I have started training basketball. Soon after I have started with the basketball,  I began playing with older generations than me. Ever since, I have been an outstanding defense player. I like to play defense, block and steal the ball. I really enjoy doing this and I believe it is one of my strengths and characterizes me as a valuable player.
My first basketball camp was in 2015 in Trebinje, Bosnia Herzegovina and it was called Dejan Bodiroga. I was one of the best players during the camp. I competed voor MVP with another player at this camp.
My second camp was in 2016 in Russia, and it was called Yugbasket and the main trainer was Vladimir Jovanovic.
This camp was one of the most valuable basketball  experiences for me.
The third camp I went to was in 2017 and it was called Yubac, which was also an amazing experience. There was a layup competition and during both the semi-final and final I scored 15 points each which led to me winning the competition.
I would like to play and train basketball somewhere else abroad. I believe that this way I would gain more experience and skills and become a professional basketball player.... show moreless


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