Damon Collins
Age: 24 yrs
Height: 198 cm (6'6")
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-Damon Collins-
Height : 6' 6''
Weight : 190 lbs
Wingspan : 6'7"
Position : PG/SG
Nationality : USA
Birth Year : 1995

Division 1 - Howard University  
Freshman to Junior year I played the SG/PG position, and senior year I played the PG. I have worked to extend my range a lot since last season. I create mismatches from the 1-4 positions. I have a really good midrange game, I rebound the ball well, I am known for my defense. Guarded the best players on the opposing team. Very unselfish. Can score in variety of ways. Very versatile. Capable of playing multiple positions. I have more film and Game footage. 

Condensed Workout video from July29 2018 is in my Athlenda Videos.******

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